Cars For Cash in Edmonton

Having a scrap car just sit in your driveway and be a visual annoyance and it can take unnecessary room.  This becomes an even bigger problem is the scrap car is leaking fluids on your driveway or your garage.  Why keep the old clunker lying around when you can get rid of it and get paid at the same time.  Cars for Cash is a pretty simple concept.  We pay your for your car and we offer free towing service for your vehicle.  Its just as simple as that.  Here is how the process goes
  1. You call scrap car Edmonton at: (780) 652-1052
  2. Our professional appraiser asks your a few questions regarding your car and offers you a price over the phone
  3. If you agree to the price, we send our tow truck driver to your location to pickup the car.
  4. The driver pays you cash on the spot, gets a few signatures to transfer the car over to us and ta da, you are done
  5. We bring the car to our junk yard and our professional auto wreckers dismantle and recycle the car as per government regulations and in an environmentally safe manner.