Dealing with a totaled vehicle is difficult. You are perhaps still shivering from the accident that caused it, you have to say goodbye to a car that you love and you have to get a new car possibly within a short period of time. With all this going on, making a decision about your totaled vehicle might feel daunting, even though you know what to do. If you do not know what to do, you are perhaps feeling astray and overwhelmed. A junk car removal and towing company can help you.

Sell it to a junk car removal and towing company

If you do not have enough space for your totaled vehicle, you can still get some money out of it by selling it to a junk car removal and towing company as a salvage vehicle. Actually, this is always the best option if you think you may get more cash from the salvage sale than you can from the insurance check. If you choose this path, the first thing to do is acquire salvage certificate by signing on the title to your regional motor vehicle agency. Once you get the salvage certificate, contact around to junk removal and towing company for offers on your totaled vehicle. The companies can make cash on the salvage car by repairing and re-selling them or by breaking them down for parts. You will almost definitely get a range of offers, hence shopping around to have the best deal is decent.

When you are choosing which junk removal company offer is best, you will also need to factor on the possible cost of towing and disposal of the non-metallic parts, like tires. A few will tow your totaled vehicle away at a low or no charge, while others will charge prior rates and require you to pay for non-metallic disposal fee. When a junk removal company pays you for the totaled car, you will be required to sign on the salvage certificate to them.   

You can fix it

There are some instances where choosing to repair your totaled vehicle can be the best option. The most essential factors in this decision are the amount of deductible, the value of your car, and the cost of repair. For instance, if your car worth $7,000 and your deductible is $ 2,000, then getting the insurance payout might not make sense since the deductible will cost a lot of that cash and leave you with $ 5,000 to spend on a new car. If the repairs for this totaled car worth $ 4,000 are going to cost somewhere in the $ 1,000 neighborhood, you may need to consider not making an insurance claim, making payment for the repair yourself, returning back on the road with your old car, and begging saving money for your next vehicle.

Good reasons to sell your wrecked vehicle

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