Vehicles top the list of the most recycled consumer products. The junk car removal and towing companies recycle more than 15 million tons of steel from old vehicles every year, the equal of 12 million cars trucks. Auto recycling give many benefits that lead to a healthier and greener environment and junk removal companies happily help the cause. When an old car is recycled, it is removed all the parts that can be recycled and the rest is smashed and pressed into steel. The cars for cash business has served many people around the world for many years and it remains a trusted source for old car parts and metal recycling. The following are some of the car recycling benefits you need to keep in mind as your car reaches the end of its moving days:

Reduce landfill waste in Edmonton

Vehicle recycling occupies less landfill area, leading to fewer pollutants contaminating the air and soil. Tire recycling is highly recommended as it takes 60 to 80 years for tires to decompose.

Save natural resources of Sherwood Park

It takes less energy to recycle a car that it does to manufacture new steel, which needs burning a big amount of coal. This leads to greenhouse gases that negatively affect the environmental atmosphere. Every ton of recycled car steel saves nearly half a ton of coal. Furthermore, the limestone dismantled to mine coal is also saved.

Protect animals in Alberta

Steel mining leads to soil pollution and land erosion, which makes it hard for wild animals to maintain their habitats and remain healthy. For instance, continuous soil erosion causes sediment runoff into lakes and rivers, together with other environmental damages. Extreme sediment affects the quality of water and fish spawning grounds.

Greenhouse gas prevention in Alberta

The complete process of vehicle manufacturing, from mining to parts production, causes greenhouse gases to the air. Their gases absorb heat and are harmful to the environment. Recycling old vehicles instead of manufacturing new parts can help lower the manufacturing process negative effects on the environment.

Vehicle recycling is becoming progressively widespread as people are becoming aware of the value of recycling their vehicles to help the environment. Vehicle recycling means a decrease in the use of fossil fuels, less energy, less landfill as well as affordable consumer products produced from recycled steel. The benefits of vehicles recycling are not just environmental either. Through recycling your vehicle, you can get some cash for yourself, help the economy and get rid of any old and unwanted vehicle that may be sitting on your property and increase the look of your home or business premises.

Parts of the cars that can be recycled includes:

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